DEATHAWAITS „XX“ CD (Metal East Productions)

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Release date: 22.04.2022 – Jewelcase CD
9 songs, modern death metal
© 2022 Metal East Productions (licensed by Barhill Records)
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Hailing from Lyon (Fr), DeathAwaits was created in 2002. After humble Death/Thrash beginnings, the band also tried to incorporate Grindcore elements to their sound. They released two demos Dark Breath (2003) and Reborn (2007) and a split with Bounty Hunter in 2009, before their long-awaited debut Out Of Adversity (2011).
As the pandemic reclaimed their touring ambitions, the band started writing an anniversary album to celebrate their 20 years of existence. Back at Convulsound studios, the 4-piece perfected their craft into 9 skilful and mature tracks. A fantastic display of intense modern Death Metal that should please fans of Misery Index, Malevolence or Dyscarnate. Closing in on slammier grounds, this anniversary release sees the band bring its catchy edge to further extremity, without losing its impactful flair. Unfolding the band’s true potential, ‘XX’ revisits an array of contemporary stakes that shook the last two decades. With many surprises along the way, DeathAwaits brought some very special guests to the birthday party: Riley McShane (Allegaeon), Sebastian Grimh (Cytotoxin) and JulienTruchan (Benighted) among others The band is eager to get back on stage and is planning an European tour for 2022.


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