In early 2017, CANNAHANN, founded in 2014, started recording their second album with producer Daniel Schobert (Stonesound/Bamberg), retreating for a productive two weeks to the studio (Unique Musique/Bischberg) and an improvised recording facility at a concert location in order to spend time together, party and of course work. As an impressive result, the listener is treated to ten accomplished tracks which form CANNAHANN’s new album.

Throughout their new record, the four-piece from Frankonia (Germany) stays true to the driving, angry desert rock which also characterizes their thoroughly well received debut „NN“, resolutely blending it with grunge, stoner, noise, psychedelica, alternative, blues and pop elements. Even more so than CANNAHANN’s previous outing „Staub Und Wasser“ (means: „Dust And Water“) is all about catchy hooks. Efficiency is everything!

A perfectly attuned rhythm group forms the pushing basis for a consistent guitar part, and the multifaceted voice of lead singer Ralf Rossbach exploring a vast range of styles from soft melancholy to aggressive distortedness – no doubt one of CANNAHANN’s most compelling assets. An appealing panoramic sound production, paired with a powerful master from the Oldenburg-based recording studio Tonmeisterei (Omega Massif, Escapado) carries the band’s strong live presence right to the listener’s speakers.

With this enhanced impact and a consumer-friendly 40 minutes’ worth of relentless yet thoughtful tunes, „Staub Und Wasser“ draws the listener in, taking them to an all-encompassing, intense journey. The album’s sparse and likewise meaningful artwork by Oliver Hummel rounds off the experience and convincingly conveys the album’s textual content to the visual realm. A polar, dynamic interplay of elements, fierce and fragile, wild and enticing. Dust and water.