At the end of 2019, Becker founded with Rookie Records and MMP.Mute.Music.Publishing E.K. the Edition Barhill Records / MMP.Mute.Music.Publishing E.K., a music publisher. Together with the long-term business partners all artists, who sign the music publishing contract, will have more manpower at hand for marketing, promotion and exploitation.

Currently published by Edition Barhill Records / MMP.Mute.Music.Publishing E.K. are the artists/bands Cadavre De Schnaps, Colletti, Disso!ver, Kramsky, plasticsoup, Poisoned Speed, Sidewalk Surfers, Speed Bottles, Stereolith, Thomas Guido Peter, Thrill Of Joy und vandermeer. With Citizen Tim the first non-Barhill Records-artist joined the edition’s rooster in 2022. He was signed to our friends from Midsummer Records, but is now also a part of the Barhill Records family.

If you want to join the edition, feel free to get in touch with us!