Citizen Tim

Marco Kallenborn, the man behind CITIZEN TIM, will release his third solo album in the second half of 2023 – as a cooperation between Midsummer Records and – in charge – Barhill Records. Barhill Records will also be responsible for his digital back catalog starting in January. This was sealed last week at a joint meeting of the three parties. With this, CITIZEN TIM, who is already signed to Edition Barhill Records / MMP.Mute.Music.Publishing E.K., expands his cooperation with Barhill Records. To mark the occasion, the Barhill Records store is offering a vinyl bundle of his first two LPs for only 20 Euros:

„I have been working closely and almost familiarly with Midsummer Records since my first release in 2016. And since a friendship has also developed from the previous publishing collaboration with Barhill Records, I’m very happy that all three are coming together here to release my new album“, says CITIZEN TIM.

„Protect Your Golden Heart“ Presskit (Info, Cover & Foto)