Foto: Oliver Jungmann

She never stopped writing, in the meantime Jenny Collet as Colletti also adds the guitar to the block again. With her debut EP “Searching For Former Solace“ she realized, after almost 15 years of musical silence, for the first time six of about twenty songs, which were created in the last two years. The EP is like a fast forward through the past 24 months, mixed with earlier memories.

Jenny Collet grew up in a village of 500 inhabitants near Kirn an der Nahe (Germany); since 2005 she has lived in Saarbrücken. Perhaps that’s why her songs sound just as much like the childlike wonder for the lightness of life as they do like the disillusionment of adulthood.

Also because of Corona, recording, mixing and mastering with Marco Kallenborn aka Citizen Tim (Midsummer Records) took almost a year. This can also be heard on the EP, which becomes more complex with each song. The fact that it is released by Barhill Records is not entirely coincidental: Colletti and label manager Kai Florian Becker worked together years ago in the Saarbrücken record store Rex Rotari. One always meets twice in life…

„Searching For Former Solace“ Info (PDF)
„Searching For Former Solace“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
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