Like a crawl through the undergrowth appear the four tracks on the fifth nighttime filling full-length of KILLFLAVOUR. Harsh, dark, confrontational, dreamy, calming and jarring, thereby KILLFLAVOUR are playing intuitively, which gives every played tune and every played show a very unique and unrepeatable mystical character.

Founded way back in 1995 and arisen from the ashes of different bands (e.g. ABC Diabolo), KILLFLAVOUR is a highly individual Darkkraut project based in Saarbrücken, in the south-western part of Germany.

20 years after KILLFLAVOUR’s bursting “Untitled” 12” vinyl release on Common Cause and several sold-out digital releases during the 2000´s, KILLFLAVOUR released “Forest Mirror” on vinyl via Barhill Records, distributed by Cargo Records.

Recorded live in spring 2016 with X-Y technique for capturing the pure stereophonic sound and mastered with analogue equipment from the golden recording age, “Forest Mirror“ invites you to an aural feast.

P.S.: After the recording of „Forest Mirror“ Ulrich Steffens (bass), who was already involved in the nineties, joined Alexander Britz (vocals), Uwe Kartes (guitars), Manuel Stuhlsatz (e-machines) and Marc Schönwald (drums; of Yagow-fame) as a fifth band member.

„Forest Mirror“ Info (PDF)
„Forest Mirror“ Cover (JPG)
Foto 1 (© Jochen Klose)