Poisoned Speed

Foto: Elias Hörhammer

During the last summer days of 2020, two dudes – Tobias „Tobster“ Grill (vocals, guitar, lyrics) and Frederic L. „Fredneck“ Meuren (drums, layout) – finally started what they‘ve been talking about for quite a while: Connected by their love for early Motörhead and Midnight songs and fueled by a shitload of fried chicken they formed POISONED SPEED and kicked out the jams, motherfuckers.

Within two days the two dirtbags wrote and recorded their first two no-brainers that are featured on „Demo 2020“ (27.09.2020). They‘ve already gave us a clear impression of their sound: fast forward high speed rock’n‘roll without any bullshit – a soundtrack for your next bar fight. Two more digital EPs followed: „Demo 2020: Pt. II“ (18.10.2020) and „Demo 2021: The Third Run“ (21.03.2021). This was followed by the release of „Quick And Dirty“, a compilation of their first three demo EPs including two brandnew and unreleased songs that have been recorded exclusively for this release. The first two EPs from 2020 have also been remastered for this occasion.


„Redneck Train b/w White Lines“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
„Knife Gang b/w Lousy Livin'“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
„Live And Greasy / Quick And Dirty“ (JPG, RGB)
„Quick And Dirty“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
„Live And Greasy“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
Fotos (RGB, © Alex Britz & Phil T.)
„Live And Greasy / Quick And Dirty“ CD (Info)
„Quick And Dirty“ Info (PDF)
„Live And Greasy“ Info (PDF)
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