The German traditional doom metalheads SHAYTAN were formerly known as DEMON INCARNATE and have released three albums and an EP between 2010 and 2022 on FDA Records and Metalville. After some line-up changes the decision was made to close the chapter Demon Incarnate and open a new one as SHAYTAN. Their debut album „Chapter One“ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Charles Greywolf at Studio Greywolf (Lonewolf, Hammer King, Godslave) and is available on CD via the Italian label Metal On Metal Records.

In a world where this classic style of metal seems to be fading away, SHAYTAN stands out as a true force, delivering doom metal the way it’s meant to be played: heavy, atmospheric and with a deep connection to the roots of the genre. With the appropriate dirt under their fingernails, they have created a sound foundation that draws from the primordial sludge (not the genre!) of the genre pioneers like BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM, ’80s and ’90s doom legends like TROUBLE, CANDLEMASS, THE OBSESSED and SOLITUDE AETURNUS, but also displays strong similarities to the newer purveyors of the genre, in particular NOMAD SON and KRUX, while adding subtle oriental elements.

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