The Joker & The Tears

Foto: Jan Schäfer

Behind The Joker & The Tears are Thomas Haag (vocals, guitar) and Thomas Guido Peter (bass), who have not come together musically for the first time. Already more than a decade ago, the two have made music together in the band Traffx. Since then, however, they have gone their separate ways musically, until now…. While Peter was and is active with his band THRILL OF JOY and also as a solo artist, Haag spent the last years writing songs. Now the time was ripe to get together again and record this album – an album that doesn’t want to fit into our time and today’s world at all, but maybe just because of that it appears at the right moment. Something happens sometimes… The 90s Brit sound is still alive!

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„Another Velvet Morning“ (Album) Cover (JPG, RGB)
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