Thrill Of Joy

Photo: Samira Both

Sometimes dark and angry, sometimes quiet and hopeful, THRILL OF JOY question the world, the life, their own abysses and those of the society. Always in search of reason, meaning and soul, Thomas Guido Peter and Christian Both have been composing singer-songwriter songs with German lyrics) about the trials and tribulations of life since autumn 2017 – melancholic, ironic, authentic. Thrill Of Joy describe themselves as indie songwriters with rough edges.

In the past, both musicians used to be active in various bands of the local music scene. Christian Both played bass in Garelli Explode (alternative rock), Cashew (indie/alternative rock) and the Bobbies (60s Beat) as well as guitar in Ear Extension (pop punk). Thomas Guido Peter was the bassist for Meanwhile (alternative rock) and Traffic Noise (psychedelic rock).

In the middle of 2019 Thrill Of Joy searched for a record label and signed in August with the local indie label Barhill Records. Since then they have played several concerts – among others with Citizen Tim, the Luxembourg singer-songwriter Bartleby Delicate and their label colleagues vandermeer – and put the finishing touches to their debut album „Herzlich Wir Kommen“ (a wordplay meaning: „Warmly We Come“). The songs were written, recorded and produced by themselves. For the mix and the mastering Citizen Tim could be engaged.

On 17.01.2020 the single „Zittern / Geronimo“ was released. You can find „Zittern“ on their debut album „Herzlich Wir Kommen“, while „Geronimo“ is an exclusive non-album track. On the 18.06.2021 the digital 2-track-EP „Stocki Session“ followed and in November 2023 the EP „Freund oder Freind“.

„Freund oder Feind“ Cover (JPG)
„Freund oder Feind“ Info (PDF)
Foto 2023 (RGB, © Samira Both)