Wolf Prayer

Since their formation in 2015 and the release of their self titled EP, wolf prayer, the fuzz-driven trio from southwest-Germany finally managed to realize their debut album „Echoes Of The Second Sun“ with the help of Barhill Records. They’ve worked with Love Station Studio and the Grammy Award winning Emil Berliner Studios.

wolf prayer create a variation of dry-to-the-bone-riffing and atmospheric sound bits that invite you to start dreaming until their fuzzy guitars, the characteristic and versatile vocals, the strong hypnotic bass lines and the hard drum beats wake you up.

With their debut album they invite its listeners to close their eyes and join a trip with the band through atmospheric soundscapes, hard riffs and hypnotic melodies. Accompanied by lyrics, in which the band members deal with loss, desire and new beginnings and try to process the past, the music is still their priority. Due to their fuzzy style, their songs clearly remind you of the stoner rock genre, but they can’t and won’t be nailed down, which is portrayed on the album by experimental and surprising song parts.


„Spell Of The Crimson Eye“ Presskit (Info, Cover & Foto)