Foto: Manfred Baulig

The German stoner/punk rock four piece STEREOLITH presents its first album “escape velocity“. The seven tracks were produced and mixed by Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail, Scumbucket) in his Tonstudio45.

On a hot summer’s day in 2013, four bearded men were in the California desert in search of a sound as dusty as their throats were. Music had always ruled their lives up until then, so they turned over every stone to find their sound. It should be loud; with heart and passion; distorted like their perception clouded by heat and thirst. Since that summer the foursome has been travelling the world as STEREOLITH to give it what it has always needed: love, beer and a solid sound unlike any other. It is unfiltered, loud, dirty and feels like a wild ride in a boogie van filled with kerosene through the endless deserts of California – an energetic mixture of grunge, punk, desert and stoner rock. In other words: Fat, fuzzy guitars, rolling bass and melodic vocals mixes with lots of groove.

„escape velocity“ Info (PDF)
„escape velocity“ Cover (JPG, RGB)
Foto (JPG, RGB, © Manfred Baulig)