BISHOP’S TRACE „Silver Lining“ EP (MP3)

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BHR052D – Release date: 27.01.2023 – MP3
4 songs, singer-Songwriter/alternative rock
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BISHOP‘S TRACE is the synonym for the musical endeavours of Drummer Christian S. besides his main Band FLARES, which is also on the Barhill Records roster. After releasing his first EP „Pocket Escapisms“ back in his student days in 2012 and playing only 2 shows with it’s songs, Chris soon shifted his focus back to Flares, which were soon about to release their maiden LP „Solar Empire“. Still, he would nevertheless continue to record and collect sketches for songs which wouldn’t work in the context of his band.
In 2019, he finally found the time and leisure to record the single „from another life“ in his bedroom studio. Not only this song was released, also a remastered version of „Pocket Escapisms“ found it’s way to the streaming platforms for the first time via Barhill Records.
Grounded at home during COVID-19 lockdowns, the isolation and absence of distraction enabled the multi-instrumentalist to further tweak on countless ideas, which have accumulated over the years. Having a selection of songs in his bag by the end of 2021, he could finally track the drums at Rossel River Studios as soon as the lockdowns ended.
10 years after „Pocket Escapisms“, January 2023 marks the release of the 4-track EP„Silver Lining“, which is once again mixed and mastered by long time friend, bandmate and mastermind Mike Balzer.

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