MEN AND THE MAN „Men And The Man“ (12″/CD/MP3)

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BHR046 – Release date: 20.01.2023 – 12″ on black vinyl plus download code/CD/MP3
4 songs, indie/alternative rock/stoner
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„Kantiger, eigenständiger Alternative Rock, der mit brachialen Gitarrenriffs, interessanten Gesangsmelodien und einem wunderbar dynamischen Schlagzeugspiel zu überzeugen weiß!“ (Thomas Guido Peter / Thrill Of Joy)

emerged from Hell And High Water in 2019. Bassist Kai Namslau and drummer Dennis Reher decided to push the core of the band further and formed Men And The Man with the addition of Tim Rinka on guitar. The three guys from Hamburg drive their passion for thick, driving rock forward on their self-titled EP and conclude this intensive project at the same time with this release. Therefore, this EP is a welcome and a farewell gift in one. You can listen to the track „Shallow“ here:

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