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Thanx to my friend Tim Masson, I can offer you some fine Midsummer Records vinyl records – mainly just one item each. So better be quick!
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GREAT ESCAPES „Okay“ (LP, black)
LASERSHARK „A ____ Guide On…“ (LP, black)

Here is the complete list:

Artist Titel colour
A Saving Whisper Neverlandscapes LP black
Akela s/t LP yellow
An Early Cascade Alteration LP white
Anderson, Todd Die Stille Schreit Nicht Mehr LP marbled white
Atlanta Arrival A Tale Of Two Vities LP marbled white
Calaye Trÿmmermensch LP white
Citizen Tim C Is For Chaos/Control LP pink
Citizen Tim Hospital Breakfast Conversations LP mint
City Light Thief Nothing Is Simple 2LP+CD black
City Light Thief Vacilando LP black
Dead Flesh Fashion Thorns LP brown
December Youth How Are You LP marbled pink
December Youth Relive LP clear
Earl Grey The Times You Cross My Mind LP marbled white-red
For Them All Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Myself LP black
For Them All Thoughts LP white
Forkupines Here, Away From LP white
Forkupines Islands LP white
Ghost Of A Chance Arboretum LP white
Gr:mm Treibgut LP black
Grace.Will.Fall Barren By Design LP neon orange
Grace.Will.Fall No Rush LP black
Hector Savage Es Sieht Nicht Gut Aus LP yellow
McEwan, Gregor From To A Beginning LP marbled white
Meadow Saffron Monadic Parade LP black
New Native Asleep LP clear
Noir Reva Contrinuance LP blue
Patient, Patient Chasma LP clear black smoke
Rivers & Tides Sincere Uncertainty LP black
Rivers & Tides Sincere Uncertainty LP marbled orange
Spirit Desire Distract Your Mind LP white
The August Lizard King 2LP black
Thinner Paintime And Glory LP black
Thinner Say It! MLP white
This April Scenery Liminality LP black
Tides! Celebrating A Mess LP blue
Tides! I’m Not Afraid Of The Dark LP marbled orange

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Midsummer Records Vinyl

A Saving Whisper „Neverlandscapes“ (LP, black), Akela „s/t“ (LP, yellow), An Early Cascade „Alteration“ (LP, white), Todd Anderson „Die Stille Schreit Nicht Mehr“ (LP, marbled white), Atlanta Arrival „A Tale Of Two Vities“ (LP, marbled white), Calaye „Trÿmmermensch“ (LP, white), Citizen Tim „C Is For Chaos/Control“ (LP, pink), Citizen Tim „Hospital Breakfast Conversations“ (LP, mint), City Light Thief „Nothing Is Simple“ (2LP+CD, black), Dead Flesh Fashion „Thorns“ (LP, brown), December Youth „How Are You“ (LP, marbled pink), December Youth „Relive“ (LP, clear), Earl Grey „The Times You Cross My Mind“ (LP, marbled white-red), East „In An Instant“ (LP, marbled grey), For Them All „Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Myself“ (LP, black), For Them All „Thoughts“ (LP, white), Forkupines „Here, Away From“ (LP, white), Forkupines „Islands“ (LP, white), Ghost Of A Chance „Arboretum“ (LP, white), Gr:mm „Treibgut“ (LP, black), Grace.Will.Fall „Barren By Design“ (LP, neon orange), Grace.Will.Fall „No Rush“ (LP, black), Great Escapes „Okay“ (LP, black), Hector Savage „Es Sieht Nicht Gut Aus“ (LP, yellow), Gregor McEwan „From To A Beginning“ (LP, marbled white), Lasershark „A ____ Guide On…“ (LP, black), Meadow Saffron „Monadic Parade“ (LP, black), New Native „Asleep“ (LP, clear), Noir Reva „Contrinuance“ (LP, blue), Patient, Patient „Chasma“ (LP, clear black smoke), Rivers & Tides „Sincere Uncertainty“ (LP, black), Rivers & Tides „Sincere Uncertainty“ (LP, marbled orange), Six Days Of Calm „The Ocean‘s Lullaby“ (2LP, marbled green), Spirit Desire „Distract Your Mind“ (LP, white), The August „Lizard King“ (2LP, black), Thinner „Paintime And Glory“ (LP, black), Thinner „Say It!“ (MLP, white), This April Scenery „Liminality“ (LP, black), Tides! „Celebrating A Mess“ (LP, blue), Tides! „I‘m Not Afraid Of The Dark“ (LP, marbled orange)