POISONED SPEED “Live And Greasy / Quick And Dirty” CD

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BHR036CD – Release date: 26.11.2021 – digisleeve CD
14 songs, heavy metal/hardrock/rock’n’roll
© 2021 Barhill Records
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On 26.11. Barhill Records will release POISONED SPEED’s EP “Live And Greasy” and their demo compilation “Quick And Dirty” together on one CD. Since the first CD version of “Quick And Dirty” sold out quickly in Germany and Europe and their latest work “Live And Greasy” was still waiting for its CD release, Barhill Records and Poisoned Speed decided to kill two birds with one stone and release both as a final 2-in-1 compilation in a double cover digisleeve to present both original artworks in a dignified way.

“Live And Greasy / Quick And Dirty” is a CD with 14 tracks, including an exclusive non-digital bonus track from their very first live gig called “Poison Queen”, recorded at the festival “Bier Benzin Buntsandstein”.


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