POISONED SPEED „Quick And Dirty“ (Album) (MP3)

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BHR033D – Release date: 07.05.2021 – MP3
8 songs, metal/rock’n’roll
© 2021 Poisoned Speed/Barhill Records
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„Quick And Dirty“ is a compilation of the first three demo EPs of POISONED SPEED including two brandnew and unreleased songs that have been recorded exclusively for this release. The first two EPs from 2020 have also been remastered for this occasion. Enjoy Poisoned Speed and their Low Life High Speed Rock‘n‘Roll!
The CD version of „Quick And Dirty“ will be released by Ohio based label Morbid and Miserable, the cassette tape version via the DIY tape label Unchained Tapes from Philadelphia. All digital distribution besides bandcamp will be handled by Barhill Records.

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