CADAVRE DE SCHNAPS „Unlearning By Doing“ MCD

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BHR037CD – Release date: 25.03.2022 – digisleeve MCD
5 songs, indie/alternative/art rock
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For a band that actually sails under the indie rock flag, Cadavre de Schnaps have always been far too free-spirited and trippy: Started as a DIY homerecording project by Jeong-Il Sin, the liquor corpse quickly grew into a band after 2015’s snotty avant-folk debut „Let Bad Things Happen“. This culminated in 2019’s album „Comedy“ – an extremely complex endeavor that tied knots in your legs on the imaginary indie dancefloor. The new 5-track EP „Unlearning By Doing“ is not exactly junk food either, yet one gets the impression that the quartet now wants to show its more accessible side here.

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