SIDEWALK SURFERS „Growing Up Is A Mess“ (Winter Edition LP)

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BHR030LP1 – Release date: 26.03.2021 – marbled cyan LP
12 songs, skate/punkrock, download code included
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After their second album „Dinner For Sinners“ (2018), the new album of the Saarbrücken skatepunk quintet SIDEWALK SUEFERS is now in the starting blocks: „Growing Up Is A Mess“. This is both a tribute and a farewell to their own past – a coming-of-age record that takes a closer look at growing up and at socially critical topics. Cleverly and blatantly, „New World“ and „An Apology“ negotiate current political issues such as the climate crisis and the consequences of capitalism, while „21“ describes the feeling of growing up in the digitalized 21st century.

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