THE AUTUMN ART FESTIVAL „On The Past And A Beginning“ (MCD)

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THE AUTUMN ART FESTIVAL „On The Past And A Beginning“
BHR015CD – Release date: 22.02.2019 – Digisleeve MCD
5 songs, indiepop/rock
© 2019 Barhill Records
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the autumn art festival is an indie pop/rock project by Dominik Lermen and Sascha Grub. In the fall 2010 Dominik Lermen started to write songs on his acoustic guitar – songs about personal experiences, men and women, life…

In 2013, the debut album „costumes & such of that kind“ was released on Musopia Music/Aerostat Records. This recording followed a simple singer-songwriter approach. Later in 2013 Sascha Grub joined the project and has been supporting the autumn art festival since then.

Shows followed in Germany, Scotland and France. New songs were written and together with Felix Hubert and Matthias Roos as guest musicians the current EP „on the past and a beginning” was recorded.

Although the music of the new EP still keeps elements of the singer-songwriter approach of the debut album, the songs are more intense and energetic due to the use of drums and a double bass. A clear step towards indie rock.


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