THRILL OF JOY „Stocki Session“ (EP) (MP3)

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BHR034D – Release date: 18.06.2021 – MP3
2 songs, folk, singer-songwriter
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In a summer that wasn’t one, the singer-songwriter duo THRILL OF JOY (Christian Both and Thomas Guido Peter) wrote two songs with the working title “Stocki Session“ while on vacation together at Stockweiher, a small lake in France. The songs tell of fateful and courageous decisions, but also of self-doubt and fear of the future. Comfortable nostalgia meets danceable melancholy.

In the winter of 2020, the two songwriters recorded the tracks in their home studio and christened them „Étang du Stock“ and „L’air du temps“. While the tenderly sung ballad „Étang du Stock“ comes across very reduced in classic THRILL OF JOY style, „L’air du temps“ sounds much more opulent: drums, alternating bass, organ, acoustic guitar, background vocals and strings frame the idiosyncratic, yet „fluffy“ country song.

Lead vocals on „Étang du Stock“ were provided by Samy, real name Samira Both. For „L’air du temps“ Anne and Kai Kessler (background vocals and drums) could be won as guests. The „Stocki Session“ was mixed and mastered by Citizen Tim.

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