Various Artists „Barhill Records Live Series #1“ (Live EP) (MP3)

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Various Artists „Barhill Records Live Series #1“
w/ Cannahann, Wolf Prayer & Flares
BHR022D – Release date: 20.12.2019 – MP3
6 live songs, alternative rock/grunge/stoner rock/postrock/progressive rock
© 2019 Barhill Records
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In October 2019 the Barhill Records artists Cannahann, Wolf Prayer and Flares came together to play a live show, the so-called „Barhill Records Night“, in Kleiner Klub in Saarbrücken (Germany). All three sets got recorded and Barhill Records decided to launch the „Barhill Records Live Series“ with two live songs of each band (no overdubs!). More Live Series editions will follow in the future. Now sit back and enjoy this mini-album.

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