DISSO!VER „Lagerkoller (Instrumental)“ (MP3)

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BHR032D2 – Release date: 13.08.2021 – MP3
7 songs, neo-krautrock/electro/ambient
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„Lagerkoller“ is the debut album by Roman Biewer, born in Saarland and now living in Cologne, and his Kraut/Electro/Ambient one-man band Disso!ver (pronounced „Dissolver“). The album is based on jams that took place in Berlin in November 2019 and January 2020 with members of the bands Camera, Flying Moon In Space and Lovely Heroin. Parts of these jams can also be found on Camera’s current album „Prosthuman“. Moreover, Biewer took the basic tracks from the jams with Michael Drummer, Alex Kozmidi and Henrik Rohde, added instruments, rearranged, wrote lyrics, produced and mixed. The result is the album „Lagerkoller“, mastered by Stefan Flad (Die Türen, Die Sterne). Here is the instrumental version of the album.

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