GEMINI ONE „Per Aspera“ (MLP)

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GEMINI ONE „Per Aspera“
BHR021LP – Release date: 20.09.2019 – col. 12-Inch (white vinyl)
4 songs, doom metal/postrock
© 2019 Barhill Records
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Gemini One was founded in 2009 by Mathias Rudolph (guitar, drums) and Tobias Schmitt (bass) in Saarbrücken (Germany) as an instrumental doom metal band. In the same year the duo released it‘s self-titled EP by their own.

Due to public interest and the chance to play some gigs, drummer Max Best joined the band. After supporting This Will Destroy You, Omega Massif, Toner Low, Khuda, Union Of Sleep and Planks as well as some headlining shows, the band re-recorded their debut EP as a three-piece. These recordings were released in 2012. But shortly after that, the band became the solo project of Rudolph, who released the EP „Float / Levitate“ at the end of 2012.

In 2018, Rudolph and Schmitt got together again and recorded new songs as a duo. These recordings became the EP „Per Aspera“, which displays their musical roots as well as postrock influences.

„The EP is dedicated to all the people, who made sacrifices on scientific, progressive and human grounds – no matter if voluntary or non-voluntary. They are proof that something big can emerge from pain and that setbacks keep us moving. We bow to all of them, because they are the ones paving our way the way to the stars“, explains Schmitt.


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