Various Artists „Barhill Records Live Series #2“ (Live EP) (MP3)

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Various Artists „Barhill Records Live Series #2“
w/ Poisoned Speed, Disso!ver, SpeedBottles and Citizen Tim
BHR048D – Release date: 24.12.2022 – MP3
4 live songs, metal/hardrock/rock’n’roll/krautrock/singer-songwriter
© 2022 Barhill Records
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The idea was to release an EP with live songs of different Barhill Records acts every December. The first edition of the „Barhill Records Live Series“ was released at the end of 2019. Then Covid hit us and turned everything upside down. But now, our live series is back. „Barhill Records Live Series #2“ hits the digital stores today with tracks from Poisoned Speed, Disso!ver, SpeedBottles (exclusive track) and the newest addition to the Barhill family: Citizen Tim (exclusive track).

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