plasticsoup „The Beauty Of Dysfunction“ LP

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BHR062LP – Release date: 12.04.2024 – red-transparent/black-marbled LP (w/ download code)
8 songs, psychedelic, postpunk, americana
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„You can’t beat 2 guitars, bass, drums“, Lou Reed once said. The Cologne-based quartet plasticsoup mixes these very ingredients, enriched with atmospheric effects and multi-layered vocals, to create their very own musical cocktail, which is sometimes dark, sometimes weird, sometimes comfortingly warm. Psychedelic meets post-punk, country meets city, California meets Camden. Musically socialized in the 1990s, plasticsoup are influenced by many guitar and electronic bands of the decade, but at the same time make no secret of their affection for Beatles, Bowie, The Clash or Joy Division. plasticsoup love loud riffs and driving beats. They love beautiful melodies, but they like to let themselves go even more. They love the truth, even if it’s complicated.

Video „Easy Care“:


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