POISONED SPEED „Live And Greasy“ (MP3)

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BHR035D – Release date: 27.09.2021 – MP3
5 live songs, hardrock/heavy metal/rock’n’roll
© 2021 Barhill Records
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Poisoned Speed has been around for almost a year now. In that short period of time they released three demos and a compilation called „Quick And Dirty“ . In August 21 they played their first live shows.
To celebrate Poisoned Speed’s first anniversary Barhill Records will release a live EP called “Live And Greasy”. Recorded at Wild Boar War’s Festival III in Frankfurt and mixed and mastered by David Saia, the EP contains 4 tracks from “Quick And Dirty” and a brand new song called “Knife Gang”.
Rough and raw, no overdubs, no bullshit. An authentic take of their second gig, for those who couldn’t be there. A celebration of the return of live shows and Rock ’n’ Roll itself.

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