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BHR039D – Release date: 04.02.2022 – MP3
2 live songs, neo-krautrock/electro/ambient
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After the album release of „Lagerkoller“ in August 2021, two concerts took place in Cologne, where the album was realized on stage as a one-man show via loops and samples with synthesizer, bass, guitars and laptop. A third concert was to take place on 03.12.2021 at the Artheater Cologne. Unfortunately this concert was cancelled due to pandemic. Of all things at the time when the elaborate live concept was really well rehearsed and began to work blindly.

When the frustration was still fresh and fruitful, the set was therefore recorded without further ado in the rehearsal room. Trying to control several cameras and the multi-track audio recording alone, while above all also playing a set, didn’t work perfectly for all tracks, so „Lagerkoller Live“ is only an excerpt.

For that, the live versions of „Aerosole“ and „Misanthrophie“ turned out all the better: While „Aerosole“ grows out of an ambient jam that becomes steadily denser and more compelling over the course of several minutes, „Misanthropie“ gets straight to the point and convinces with snot and punk-appeal.

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