DUSK OF DELUSION „COrollarian RObotic SYStem“ CD (Metal East Productions)

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Release date: 28.10.2022 – Digipack CD
11 songs, melodic modern metal
© 2022 Metal East Productions (licensed by Barhill Records)
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Born in 2016, the band DUSK OF DELUSION gathers members of various French bands (Akroma, Forsaken World, La Horde, Elvaron and RedLine) around a common will to get back on stage by playing a direct and energetic music. Quickly after the first gigs, DUSK OF DELUSION releases its first album entitled „(F)unfair“. The album will be defended during a 35-date tour that will end as the opening act for French headline MASS HYSTERIA. In March 2020, DUSK OF DELUSION releases a second album: „Watch Your 6“ followed by an EP entitled „World at War“ in March 2021. Unstoppable and strengthened by the recent record deal with the label Metal East Productions, the band will release a new album in October 2022:“ COrollarian RObotic SYStem“. This ambitious conceptual album is based on a short story specially written for the occasion by Benoit Guillot with whom DUSK OF DELUSION will take a new dimension thanks to a more audacious sound identity, at the same time melodic and catchy, but also raw and surgical.


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